What Makes a Good Voice-Over Artist?

The advancement of technology has transformed the voiceover industry. With the help of a personal computer and microphone, an English voice over artist can record high-quality audio on the go. All they need to have is a good voice and a quality microphone. In addition to that, they can choose their projects and work schedules. They can even make their schedules since the industry is booming.


Practicing makes perfect, but there are other ways to improve your voice acting skills. One way is to attend an acting class. You’ll likely feel uncomfortable at first, but practice makes perfect. You can also try submitting your voice samples for evaluation. Many voiceover services require that you submit a voice sample. This will allow the client to hear your voice before committing to working with them.

Script preparation:

A well-written script is the foundation of a good voice-over artist’s performance. A voice-over artist’s script should be able to hold the audience’s attention. A script can make or break a project; some scripts may have a visual component and will need to stand alone. If it is too confusing for the listener, they will be put off and may not remember what they were listening to.


One of the most important aspects of voice-over work is pacing. The speed at which the narration is delivered is crucial because an audience can’t process the information quickly if the pacing is too fast. Conversely, too slow a pace can bore a listener, and both are undesirable. Therefore, you must understand and master pacing, even if it’s not a primary skill.

Online presence:

The voice-over industry is becoming increasingly digital. Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Google have become indispensable in establishing a professional brand for a voice-over artist. However, there is a difference between a voice-over artist’s online presence and a company’s. While a company’s online presence can focus on traditional marketing tactics, an artist’s online presence must focus more on the basics. These great qualities make a voice-over artist different and good from their competitors. By developing these skills and qualities, they can achieve their desired goals quickly.

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